Senior Associate

Victor Westerstrand joined Corazon Capital in 2022 as a Senior Associate, specializing in web3 and blockchain technology. He started his career at various Swedish financial institutions, seeing the inefficiencies prevalent in the industry from the inside. These positions fueled his interest in the blooming field of blockchain technology, with DeFi (decentralized finance) holding a particularly strong appeal for Victor. This interest eventually brought him to Corazon Capital, where he hopes to fulfill his role as one of the individuals making a meaningful impact in ushering in these new systems of operation to the mainstream of finance.

Victor holds a bachelor’s degree in Finance from the University of Stockholm and a master’s degree from the same institution. To further his knowledge within the financial markets, Victor also acquired a SwedSec license.

Victor is based out of Stockholm and loves spending time with his friends. He does a bit of powerlifting, likes bouldering, and is a voracious reader.